User Experience Professional


As an information architect, user researcher, usability analyst, and content designer, I help create large, high-profile websites for government, non-profit, and private organizations. Here are examples of my work online or as PDF, JPG or XLS. (Also see resume PDF.)  |  Legislative Information from the U.S. Congress
Since 2011, I have been UX lead for the web application. I design and specify complex search functionality and data displays, perform data and usability analysis, manage the UX workflow, advise content providers, and assist with user research.

Soon will replace the legacy sites, THOMAS (for the public) and the Legislative Information System (for Congressional users). One challenge in designing the UX is balancing the needs of the public with the very different needs of Congressional users.
  |  Library of Congress Site
I create information architectures for Library websites and intranets, conduct user research, inventory content, aggregate and organize content, and coach content providers. Here are 2 projects with significant, ongoing impact:

  • First inventory of all public and internal online content (almost 850 sites in 2011) in a searchable database (results page and form). Impact: The inventory showed the Web Governance Board the breadth and nature of the Library’s online presence.
  • IA and content for the first cultural theme month sites: African-American History Month, Women’s History Month, and 5 more (concept and a 2007 homepage). Impact: These sites originated from an Executive Order and have been extremely popular since 2007.  
|  American Institute of Architects Member Site
As UX lead in 2008 and as Director of UX in 2009, I redesigned to better meet member needs. The redesign included reorganizing content, improving search, implementing a content management system, and giving the site a current look and feel. I helped guide the content inventory and migration by collaborating with content managers; creating the tools, processes, and criteria; and inventorying content.  
|  E-Commerce Site
In 2006 when major sites were introducing “remember me” personalization, Marriott wanted to ensure this functionality was implemented well not only from a UX perspective but also with regard to privacy and security. I started with user research and analysis, designed the UX, and wrote detailed functional specs.

From this work, I wrote “Guiding Principles for Providing ‘Remember Me’ Personalization,” published on in 2006.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)  
|  Intranet
Redesigned the top levels of the Department of Health and Human Services intranet and conducted user research in the lab in 2004-2005.